Established in 1972 by its current manager, Robert Pennacchiotti, the company specialised in high precision mechanics from the start, more specifically in part machining (i.e. the fabrication of metal parts by removing pieces), requiring high technology using electronics, data processing and sciences.

With that end in view, very soon it invested in high performance machines and moved to its current, larger facilities back in 2002.

It employs 13 technicians and 3 executives, all with high technical skills, which is one of the company's assets.

The business has consistently and regularly grown since the company was established and now Pennacchiotti Sarl achieves 3,1 € million sales, and is a profit-making company.
It works mostly with high technology companies, and exports approximately 5 % of its products, mostly to the United States.

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Facility operating company
35 Boulevard des Alpes
38240 Meylan....France

Tel. .33 (0)4 38 37 45 60
Fax. 33 (0)4 38 37 04 11
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Atelier, vue partielle
Tour numérique CTX 400 Gildemeister
DMU 50 Evolution
Robofil 290 Charmilles